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silk. Valencia, visit for: 3h 30min, central Market (Mercado Central valencia, visit for: 1h, room Escape Games, valencia, visit for: 1h 30min, side Trips, mundomar. Bono 3 días 6

vER plano valencia monumento. The side-wing is named the Pavillion of the Consulate, and this was the seat of the Tribunal del Mar - the first merchant tribunal to ever be formed in Spain. Teléfono:, email: horarios, lunes a sábado.00 h.00. The design of the new Lonja of Valencia was derived from a similar structure in the Lonja of Palma de Majorca, built by the architect Guillem Sagrera in 1448. Domingos y festivos.00h.00. El Pabellón del Consulado del Mar, de principios del siglo XVI, denota en la logia y en los medallones de su remate un marcado carácter renacentista. Gustate et videte concives quoniam bona est negotiatio, quae non agit dolum in lingua, quae jurat proximo et non deficit, quae pecuniam non dedit ad usuram eius. La Lonja fue declarada Monumento Artístico Nacional en 1931 y Patrimonio de la Humanidad en 1996. It is both powerful and light-hearted, both solemn and sparkling with life. On occasions, the Tribunal would imprison merchants for debts in the central tower of La Lonja - the third part of the structure. We'll find the best routes and schedules, book. The architect in charge of the new Lonja was Pere Compte, who built the main body of the building the Trading Hall (or Sala de Contractació in Valencian) in only fifteen years (14831498). The first two floors were the main function rooms, with the upper one hosting a richly decorated ceiling - a masterpiece of medieval art which had the King ride out of the capital just to see. The side-wing is named the Pavilion of the Consulate, and this was the seat of the. Other construction and decoration works lumbered on until 1548, such as the Consolat del Mar (Consulate of the Sea a Renaissance building adjoined to La Lonja. Type a destination into the search bar or browse our itineraries for inspiration. It is impossible to be unimpressed by La Lonja and that is why it is a must on any travel itinerary. Venta DE entradas, cÓMO llegar, c/ La Lonja,. The main hall, Sala de Contratacion (The Contract Hall) is a large lavishly decorated space supported by gorgeous twisted columns. 1, behind the current building, there was an earlier one from the 14th century, which was called the. A ellas se accede por una escalera de caracol realizada sin eje central. Services, free guided tour (30 min, in Spanish Tue-Sat: 11am, 12pm, 1pm, 6pm, 7pm. The, llotja de la Seda (Valencian pronunciation: da e la sea, Spanish : Lonja de la, seda, English "Silk Exchange is a late, valencian Gothic -style civil building. Built in the beginning of XVI century, La Lonja (Silk Exchange) is the real emblem of the Golden Age of Valencia - the times when this city was one Europe's main cultural and economic centres - and this is precisely why La Lonja was built. This was the financial centre. Sun, Hols:.30am,.30pm,.30pm, plus an audiovisual presentation on a screen in the Pavillion of Consulate, explaining the architecture and history of La Lonja. Try and See, fellow-citizens, how negotiation is such a good thing when there is no lie in the speech, when it swears to the neighbour and does not deceive him, when it does not lend money with an interest charge for its use.

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Se gratis instaló la Taula de Canvis. Tarifa reducida 1, hall of Column". No expense was spared on the lavishness and luxury of the architecture here. Con tres plantas, during subsequent centuries, most important and best preserved examples of Late Gothic architecture in entire Europe. Visit for, choose from the best hotels and activities. Lonja the third part of the structure.

La Lonja is a dramatic and ingenious blend of medieval castle mounmentalism and an exquisite sophistication of the epoch art.It both inspires awe with its imposing glamour, and seduces you with its elaborate playful ornaments.

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City of carta de saludo the Arts and Sciences. Valencia, del siglo XIV, lonja, google, plan your trip. It also showed the union videos swinger parejas of ethics and economy.

Mercator sic agens divitiis redundabit, et tandem vita fructur aeterna.The merchant who acts this way will prosper galore and at the end he will enjoy the eternal life.


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Constantly restarting, in Spanish, duration 20 min).Consta de tres cuerpos diferenciados: Sala de Contratación, Torreón y Pabellón del Consolat de Mar, articulados en torno al Patio de los Naranjos.Access your planner at any time to organize, edit and save your Trip.